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Our mission statement

With the fast pace of development that AI is undergoing, it is sometimes overwhelming for those wanting to start in this field and those who want to stay up to date with the latest development and research projects. It is imperative that people working in the field of AI collaborate and put their minds together to tackle some of the most challenging environmental and societal issues facing humanity today. ThinkGradient has been created out of the necessity to bring together practitioners and students of AI both from academia and industry to share and learn under one platform. 

ThinkGradient's aim is to enable the following:

  • Allow anyone with a passion for AI to learn and share their learnings with the rest of the world through the ThinkGradient platform

  • Empower and enable the next generation of AI developers and researchers to contribute to the field of AI by teaching them the key skills they need to thrive in both academia and industry

  • Connect experienced developers and researchers with students of AI through mentorship programs, communication channels, events, and university collaborations

  • Provide a unified platform for ThinkGradient members to share and collaborate on research papers and development projects in the field of AI

  • Provide a platform where Data Scientists can collaborate to create projects that have real positive environmental and societal impact. 

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